As I was pulling out of Walmart tonight, I spotted new parents. It was obvious….They were parked back away from the other cars. And two adults pulled out the stroller and couldn’t figure out how to get the stroller set up and locked.
I remember those days.

It never dawned on me until we took Abby home from the hospital that I had to actually take care of that little life. I didn’t know when to feed her, how to get her to sleep, how to change her clothes, or buckle a seatbelt, give a bath or clip her nails…. It was all new.

I don’t exactly like “new.” I like predictable. But UNpredictable exploded with a growing family.

But, maybe, unpredictable isn’t so bad.
I spend so much time trying to control the details of my life. Only to succumb to the reality that I am NOT in control. And despite my scheduling and routines, the unpredictables will happen.

Such as Leesy refusing to nap. Or kids getting sick. Or supper burning.
Of course, at this point, I don’t know why I would even expect ANYTHING to go smoothly. There are always bumps in the road. But the more stressed I get, the more I cling to a hope for the familiar.

But my hope is in the wrong place. It’s easy to place it in the familiar. The schedule. The plan.
But if all my hope was fully in God, and his plans, my plans would be obsolete. With Him in complete control, I simply don’t need any hope in my schedules, plans, or goals.

Eli was dancing around the living room a little earlier today. I had a mess in the living room, dishes in the sink, lunch to make, and an overtired Leesy. I was starting to lose my patience. But then I listened to the words of my sweet boy. He was saying, over and over, “ And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28 NIV)

Big words for such a little guy. But it was just what I needed to hear.
A reminder that God is so good. I may not see the lesson in the messy living room right now. But I can have faith that God is working for my good.
And with that knowledge, God’s peace saturates my soul.
Calms my mind.
And softens my heart.

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