a child helping with laundry

a child helping with laundryLast weekend I hosted several of my friends who are mothers to just one child. My boys kept running around the house causing the usual noise and falling things all over. One of them mentioned that she didn’t know how I “survive”. I laughed and said I wonder how I still have any sanity left.

But this left me thinking. Most of the times, life is quite crazy for me and I won’t lie I have it all perfectly figured. What gets me through the day is God’s grace. But I have done so many things to keep my sanity and at least have a smooth running home.

If you are a parent who is looking to teach their children life skills, read on. Life skills are not only important for adults- they come in handy for busy moms. Here are some skills you should teach your kids.

Your child needs to learn how to do chores

Cleaning and tidying my house has to be one chore that takes a lot of my time and effort. Although my kids are one hell of a mess, they do know to tidy up with a checklist.

As much as you may find it easier for you to do it yourself, you will benefit from letting your kids help with housework. It’s important to begin this earlier when they find it fun so that you don’t have a hard time training teenagers to help with housework.

You child needs to know how to do their laundry

I started involving my children in doing laundry from a very tender age. Laundry can pile up pretty fast. Even though you may own a washing machine that can do a huge load, folding clothes and putting them away can be so much work. My first born is totally responsible for his own laundry and the others are in straining. This save me several hours every week.

Your child needs to know how to cook

A child cooking

Young kids get hungry every few hours and since I love giving my children a healthy diet, this means lots of cooking and food preparation in my house. So the much help I can get from the kids, the better. My children started by setting up the table, washing veggies and fruits and then baking with me. Now my first born can cook a great meal.

Your child needs to learn to accept personal responsibility

This one is a little bit complex, but important for children to learn. Children need to know that the actions they take have responsibilities. If as parents we step in to do their duties and put right their mistakes, they will never learn to do things for themselves.

This can be as easy as not alerting the kids the time to do their laundry (they should realize when the basket is full) to not reminding them about their homework. However, this does not mean we shouldn’t help our children.

The best thing about this method is that you do not have to keep reminding your children to do their duties. Rather, you allow natural repercussions to set in.

I may not be a perfect mom and I haven’t figures it all out. However, I try.

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