A list of to do items

Family life can be stressful, hectic and busy at times as most parents have demanding careers, but it shouldn’t always be like this. There’s a way out and the only way is by making efficient use of time at home. Being a stay at home, a lot of people think I have all the time in my hands, but that the opposite! Between dropping kids at school, picking them up, doing housework, going to the grocery store, there si very little time left in there. But I have realized by properly managing my time, I can always get that one hour instead of 15 minutes to do something I love. So I share with you some time management tips that have helped me big time! Well, they have literally kept me sane.

Preparing in advance

If you realize you are always trying to make breakfast in the morning, looking for school uniform while at the same time making breakfast and feeding your pets at the same time, you probably need to prepare in advance. You can lay your kids uniform out the night before so that in the morning, they will just pick it and dress up. Try to know the days your kids have sports at school so that you have their uniforms washed and ironed in good time.
If your kids are eating sandwich for breakfast, you can make it the night before when you are clearing dishes in the kitchen. It will take you some extra minutes, but you will have saved yourself the stress in the morning.

A list of to do items
Organization is vital

Small and simple realistic steps go along way in improving your time management at home and generally, the quality of your home life. How do you store your clothes? Do you use a drawer organizer? This is one way to have a tidy closet that will reduce clutter and help you when starting your day in the morning. Do you have a diary to write down important family days?if not, this could a good idea to buy one and add such events.
Do you have a weekly meal plan? You can start making one using the foods you already have at home. This not only saves you time but money as well. You could have forgotten something in the freezer that can be used to make sumptuous dinner. Sometimes, it may difficult to point out what areas of your home need to be improved unless someone else points them out for you. You will not believe how much time you have in your hands once you get organized.

Delegating Chores

Delegating chores to everybody at home will not only save time and enhance family organization, it will also bring about a sense of responsibility to every member of the household. By giving our children chores, they will have a positive approach in looking after the home. Although this may be met with some opposition and sulking, eventually, they will appreciate and see the benefits.


overwhelmed person
As you are waiting in the car to pick up you kids from school, catch up with your friends on the phone. You can also learn a new language on a CD in the background while cooking supper. These multitasking activities will easily fit into your routine with a lot of ease.
Get every opportunity to do more with your time and you will reap the results as you will get to spend more time with your family. This is usually what the most important thing is after an entire day, spending quality time with your loved ones.

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