family-playing-in-fall-leavesAfter all the fun during summer, you don’t want to settle to a dull fall. I strive to make great memories of every season in my household; they are not picture perfect ones as they show us in magazines.

Summer was my favorite time of the year, but fall is surprisingly becoming my best time of the year. The mild fall temperatures and fresh air make the outdoors more comfy and fun for the children and me as well.

They are cheap ways to enjoy the time spent with your kids, and others are free of charge. Making memories as a family shouldn’t cost you a fortune.
Here are some frugal ways to enjoy fall with your children.

Leap into leaves

You can have loads of fun in your backyard with your children. Get small rakes for the kids and rake in the leaves while jumping in leaf piles. Your kids will get to work while at the same time having fun. Both young kids and preteens love this activity. It’s also an excellent way to get some exercise and lose those extra pounds you piled during summer.

Go on a picnic

Picnic! Oh yes. Picnics are not a summer or spring activity only. The subtle fall temperatures make a lovely time outdoors. Only pack some nice picnic food. You can ask the kids to help you come up with ideas of what they would like to eat on the picnic. Make sure it is easy to pack and transport. You don’t want a mess! Go to your favorite picnic pack to enjoy the fresh air with your family.

Go apple picking


When I hear of fall, I associate it with a sweet apple. Apples can be consumed in so many ways. You can bake with them, make delicious snacks for your kids or eat them as they come – Straight from the farm. Sometimes I love to surprise my family with homemade apple juice. I have a great juicer my mom gave me as a Christmas present, and that’s what I prefer to use when making juice. Fresh homemade juice is healthy, and my kids love to enjoy it.

At times, I like to make caramel apples with the kids. This is a sweet delight, and they enjoy helping me in the kitchen. All you need is a package of caramels and some apples.

Warning! This is a messy affair so be ready. Allow the kids to go wild with their imagination as well. This is where the fun lies in.

If you don’t live close to an orchard, check your nearest grocery. At this time of the year, apples are on sale.

Go for hayrides and fall festivals

Various festivals take place during fall. These are often in your community. You can also enjoy hayrides at local farms. Some festivals are free of charge while you will have to pay for others before admission. Attending such festivals with your family can be a treat for the family; they are also affordable compared to amusement parks.

Make it a point to make memories this fall with your kids. They are only young for a season. Next fall, they may be older, and before you know it, they are grown and away from home!

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