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mom_kids homeschoolingAt some point in life, I had the perception that homeschooling was for crazy and overprotective parents. And while my husband can confirm my craziness and he can classify me as overprotective, I never imagined myself taking that route.
Every home schooling parent is concerned about the social aspect of their children’s growth. They are afraid that taking children from the normal school set up will isolate them and disengage them from their peers. I already have shy children and I cannot say I am a perfect example to them. I know every action I take each day makes them susceptible to all those weird and isolating character traits.

But despite my earlier fears, we finally landed in home school.
And because I serve a living God who promises he will never let his children down, my kids are getting all the blessings. Anything we have achieved so far is totally because of the grace of God.

It’s amazing how well my kids are fairing on in home school. They make friends wherever we go. They have become more comfortable with who they are according to Christ, their spirits have lightened up. A homeschool mom reading to her kidsNowadays, I get so many hugs and kisses that I never used to before. My son -who is normally a quiet child – smiles and interacts often with both adults and other children in new, intriguing ways.

And what I always feared would be such a disadvantage has become one of the biggest blessings.

I have realized that we have become closer as a family after we began home schooling. My children have started to appreciate their siblings more and even us the parents. And as they get to know each other more, I only pray that this family bond will last a lifetime.

I have a wide choice of curriculum to choose from as their home schooling teacher. And when it comes to choosing material for instruction, I sometimes get spoilt for choice. I love that I have the freedom to teach my little ones important subjects from a biblical perspective, and that I can incorporate my kid’s interests into the curriculum. I make sure to teach them real life skills such as cooking, managing their money, shopping for healthy food while on a budget and woodworking. This way, I know I am raising well informed adults.
So, in a way, I’m glad I am that mom who defied what’s societal norm. If I would have just adhered to what society expects, then I would have reduced the room for God to manifest himself. But right now, I solely can’t take all the credit for the lovely changes in my children. And I would have to say I’d rather choose to be different than miss out on the great work God is already doing in their lives.

I have come to accept what everyone else already knows. I am the crazy and overprotective home school teacher/mom.
And now more than ever, I appreciate any parent who home schools their children; it is hard work. Homeschooling is not for every parent.

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