a mother teaching her daughter life skills

a mother teaching her daughter life skillsTalking about homemaking can be poles apart. Some people find it easy while others will wonder why we want to bring up women who will only be great at the kitchen sink. Well, that’s not what I’m advocating for right here. I believe being a homemaker is more than just knowing how to whip an excellent meal. Although this a part of it, even if you only eat out with your family, you can still make a home as well as teach your daughters to do exactly that.

What is the meaning of a homemaker?

It means being hospitable in some way

Part of being a homemaker is being generous and courteous with others. You don’t have to own a spotlessly clean and perfectly decorated home to do this. Welcoming people in need of a good meal, encouraging and showing love to others is all part of being hospitable. Do you focus on the needs of other people? I know in our busy lives, we tend to have very little time for others. However, one should not only put their family needs first, they should also think outwardly.

It means encouraging a certain environment

Sometimes, when I read the bible about the roles of the wife and mother, I start to feel inadequate. However, there are several attributes that the Noble Woman owns that I too possess and so many others that I work towards each day. I’m sure you too feel the same way. The activities of the Noble wife are clearly detailed in the bible. She brings good, not harm to her man. She plans, cooks and invests. She helps the poor, dresses in style and makes her own linen.

A homemaker is keen on the happenings in her household and both her husband and children praise her. In this modern times, the things you do for you family vary from those of the Noble woman in the bible. That’s fine! The most important thing is that a homemaker is always thinking about their family, taking care of their needs and ensuring they are prepared for the future. She designs and creates beautiful things. She also dresses in beautiful things. She is financially productive for the family too. She doesn’t stay idle. We can show this to our daughters by living it.

It means learning practical skills

The Noble woman learned how to spin wool, linen and anything else that can be spun. But I’m sure she taught her daughters the same. As mothers, I think it’s important for us to teach our children the skills we have no matter how insignificant we think they may be. Begin with the things you love doing, and you will be surprised how your children will enjoy it.

Share you knowledge and skills with your kids. Be the one to show them rather than let them try to figure things out on their own. It would be such a shame to be knowledgeable in a certain area and fail to teach your children the same. Teach your son how to cook, you never know how handy this may come when he starts living alone. Teach your daughter to change car tires, you will save them when they are grown and they have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.

It praises the fear of the lord than beauty

This is one verse that encourages me a lot. No matter how beautiful you are, there are those days you may feel ugly, fat and unattractive in so many ways. This could be when you’re pregnant, or when trying to shed pregnancy weight or are tired from long hours of work. In the end, God is more interested in our character and our hearts commitment towards him. It is better to learn to obey God than to make the tastiest pizza.

Our relationship with God molds us into the people He created us to be. It’s better to teach our children to have God to fall back to than any other human prowess. As parents, we should live in a way that glorifies and honors God. This is not easy but it can be achieved.

Think about a Noble woman and wife in your life. And encourage and praise them for the effort they make.

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