Crazy and Overprotective

At one point, I thought homeschooling was for crazy, overprotective parents.   And while my husband would attest to my craziness  - and I definitely could be classified as overprotective – I never saw our family taking  that route.

Social  concerns are,  of course, the most common reservation for the investigating home school parent.  We were afraid that pulling our children out of school will cause isolation and disengagement with their peers.   My children are already very shy and they do not have a very healthy example in me.  I know that my everyday actions predispose them to all those isolating, weird, and maladjusted character traits.

But despite my own downfalls, we landed in home school.

And because God is so good, He is blessing my kids in spite of me.    Anything I pull  off is totally out of God’s grace.

Amazingly, my kids are doing great.   They are making friends.  As they become more comfortable with who they are in Christ, their moods soften and lighten.  I get lots of hugs and smiles that I never received before.  I can see my daughter (our publicly silent child) smiling and interacting with other adults and children in new and exciting ways.

What I feared would be a disadvantage – it has been one of the biggest blessings.

So, in a way, I am glad to be a social screw up.  If  I had it all together, God  would have less room to work.  But as it is, I know that  I can’t take credit for the beautiful changes in my kids.  And,  I have to say, I would rather be a screw up than miss the incredible work God is clearly doing in their lives.

And I have also come to terms with what everyone else already knew.  I am that crazy and overprotective home school mom.

I always have been.


3 thoughts on “Crazy and Overprotective

    1. Thank you – some days it doesn’t feel that way, though! It has definitely been a great thing for us.

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