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Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany and I blog over at The Dwelling Tree. I am thankful to Susan for allowing me to guest blog for her.

I have a ten month old daughter. She loves Cheerios, Sesame Street, and peek-a-boo. She giggles wildly at dogs playing catch, and smiles as if her jaw was unhinged.

She is full of joy.

My daughter is a bright light in a dark world. When I gaze upon her face, I see the unfiltered excitement of touching grass for the first time.

Recently, I was having a tough night and hurt my hand trying to scrub dishes. I cried out in pain, and my sweet daughter started crying, too.

My baby empathized for me. I hurt, so she hurt. I don’t think she could rationally understand what happened, but I saw it.

Matthew 18:4 says: “Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

I know my daughter is a sinner and needs Jesus, but I love seeing her pure joy and empathy at such a young age- untouched yet by the heaviness of the world we live in.

I am reminded by Matthew 18:4 to be humble. I should never be embarrassed to delight in the world, have overwhelming compassion for a friend in pain, or laugh wildly at funny things.

Humility is a beautiful thing. It allows us to be as we were created- in our most lovely form.

I am thankful for what my daughter teaches me daily about our Creator and his love for us, and the simple blessings we experience through our children. 

Thank you to The Unraveled Mom for letting me share this tidbit with you this morning. I do hope you will keep on reading her journey, and feel free to stop by The Dwelling Tree if you have a moment, too! 


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