Living in His Glory

Leesy squealed in delight.

“Me!”  she said.

She saw an  beautiful picture of herself hanging on the wall.

God's glory

I am rather offended at the implication that I am a self centered, selfish, and ME centered person.  I never considered it an option in the large array of possible problems surrounding my struggles with anxiety, and for awhile, depression.  I hate attention on myself, I am inadequate, and I don’t want anyone to exalt ME in any way.  My conclusion, therefore, was that I am absolutely not self centered, selfish, or absorbed in ME.


I had the horrible privilege of receiving the observation that I am self centered.

I was offended.

But God wasn’t done with me.  Those words followed me in my sleep, in my thoughts, and in my heart.  Until I finally I let the Holy Spirit’s conviction tear down the barriers of my heart.

I AM too busy thinking about ME.  I don’t love, serve, and bless others because I am too concerned with my own inadequacy and failures to see past myself and into the deeper, and more satisfying, desires of God.

I couldn’t see His purpose.

But armed with conviction, my heart openly welcomes God’s whispers and charges for action.  I struggle to discern His voice.  But the closer my heart draws to Him, the more pronounced His voice becomes.  I thirst for each new direction.

And it is exciting to live within the glory of God.

And not within ME.

He must increase, but I must decrease.        John 3:30 ESV

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