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Dear Jesus,

I always knew you loved me. I knew you carried my burdens.  I knew you carried my shame.  And I knew you desired to give me life abundant – full of joy, hope, and peace.


But I have spent my life holding your love with a rigid and distrustful grip.  Choosing to be independent.  Snatching back all that I laid at your feet.

Yet pretending you blessed my efforts.

Pretending that I had it all together.

But my day came.  I couldn’t do it alone.  Not anymore.  My spirit slowly crushed under my own weight.

Until I snapped.

And I needed You.  I needed your love.

I prayed and pleaded.  I sang your praises.  And I obsessively read your entire love story.  Your Spirit sliced through my heart with conviction and clarity.  Suddenly all the stories, prophesies, and letters orchestrated in perfect harmony. I could see your unending, zealous love.

For me.

You have changed everything.

That life abundant – full of your joy, hope, and peace – it squeezes out the sin and grievances that penetrated my heart.  The light of your love floods my soul.  Your hope celebrates and explodes in the chambers of my heart.

february 2013 077

I love you more than ever.

Forever Yours,

     The One You Love

I have loved you with an everlasting love;

Therefore I have drawn you with loving kindness.

Jerimiah 31:3 NASB

An excellent devotion on God’s Love:

Know Real Love


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